Cosmetics at the intersection of luxury and sustainability

Frughy products come from a small laboratory that manufactures 100% natural, preservative-free, and organic soaps and shampoos. They are completely biodegradable and rich in nutrients and emollients thanks to our high quality raw materials, such as extra virgin olive oil, medicinal herbs and essential oils.

The Frughy brand was born out of the desire to present high quality products that respect the environment, without having to compromise on the results. We have long worked on perfecting our formula and each ingredient is methodically researched and evaluated.

Skin care

The process we use to create our products is called cold saponification. This technique allows us to produce soaps that are rich in nutrients and particularly gentle on the skin. The glycerin which is naturally produced during the saponification process is anchored in the final products, reinforcing its softening powers. The creamy softness of the foam and the light and refreshing scents of frughy products set them apart from all other.


Last but not least our solutions to store your soaps and shampoos wherever you go

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